Street Tech Testimonials

Some Reviews From Google…

The ladies behind the front desk are personable and friendly, the mechanics are knowledgeable and the work is supreme. They are excellent quality at a reasonable price. I recently took my 2009 honda civic and 1997 toyota corolla into Street Tech Auto Care and I could not be happier with the service I received. I definitely got more out of the experience then I was intending on; which is rare to come by now-a-days especially in the mechanical world. Thank you Street Tech Auto Care!!! Aaron Austin

My daughters friend told us about this shop. We’ve been bringing our vehicles here ever since. We’ve yet to have to return for follow-up service. Everyone here is friendly and clear in their communication. Have not had to ask twice about what they’ve done, etc. I highly recommend Street Tech to anyone needing service on your vehicle. Great Service! The addition of wifi service is a plus.

Since Corey first opened the doors of Street Tech Auto, we’ve brought all of our family’s cars there for maintenance and repairs. Professional, skilled, and always polite folks who listen for your needs – it’s a rare business that you enjoy returning to year after year.

Street Tech Auto provides great HONEST service… I feel great to have found a mechanic I trust. The staff are very professional and courteous, the work is done correctly and they always keep you informed about what’s going on… I refer friends and family to Street Tech without hesitation!

Great people to work with!!!

You can’t beat the 4 oil changes for $100! It’s a great feeling taking my car here and knowing that not only are they going to change my oil, but notify me of potential problems or point out areas of concern. I always feel safe leaving their shop. I love the friendly staff and atmosphere in the office as well. Street Tech Auto Care has ALWAYS come through for me! Thank you guys..and gals:)

My experience with Street Tech was amazing. It’s not everyday (unfortunately!) that you feel appreciated as customer. Not only that, I came away from doing business with them feeling I could actually trust them! A trust worthy Auto shop? Seriously? You bet! I will be back for all my maintenance or repair needs. Good job guys, keep up the integrity.

Enjoyed not having to get worked around when it comes to my truck. I am comfortable taking my vehicles here
Liked: Quality of work

Some Reviews From Yelp…

Street tech is awesome, they provide fantastic service that they always stand behind. The prices are reasonable, and the staff always helpful and informative. I have brought numerous cars to them over the years and it is always a good experience. It is so nice to have a mechanic you have complete trust in.

I have taken my truck to Street Tech for over 10 years now. I am always impressed by the integrity, honesty and exemplary service. They are also great people!!!

Street Tech is an all-around great auto repair shop. He brings in his big Chevy 4-wheeling rig for work all the time (it’s a project vehicle). Corey (the owner) and his crew are knowledgeable about these types of vehicles: Corey even has his own rig parked at the shop most of the time: a really well built Dodge.

I am not a gear-head though I know a lot more than I used to just from being married to one. Corey is personable and sharp as a tack but he’s also able to explain what’s happening to a layperson.

When I needed repairs in a pinch on my 2003 Stratus RT, he was able to get it in and diagnosed the same day and had it back to me by 1 PM. He didn’t try to overcharge or gouge us on extra work.

One thing I really like is that he makes a list of recommended work to be done and prioritizes it in 3 categories: repairs that should be done immediately, repairs that should be done in the near future, and longer term (several months) or optional repairs.

On top of everything else, Corey is a really nice guy. This is a great locally-owned shop.

I’ve had several cars over the last few years, and I don’t feel comfortable taking them anywhere else then here. Street Tech not only has very experienced and talented technicians, but they are very friendly and honest with their work. The prices are reasonable, the service time is decent, and the quality of work is always top notch!

I’ve driven everything from a Honda to Buick, Jeep to Hyundai, and Toyota to a Lexus. Street Tech is able to service me on everything I’ve had. Corey, the owner, is fantastic. He is not only easy to talk to, but is very thorough with the quality of work he and his technicians provide.
Not only is the quality of their work apparent, but the cost of the service is usually a lot cheaper then if I were to even think about taking my vehicle to a dealership. I also like how they don’t try to up sell me for things I don’t need, much like discount places like Jiffy Lube and Pep Boys do.

Street Tech is a locally owned shop that you can trust. They stand by their work, and they get the job done. Whether you need an electrical/mechanical item fixed, or simply need a basic service taken care of, they are the ones to turn to.

I took my Mitsubishi Eclipse here after spending nearly 1 thousand dollars at the dealership for a “no start” condition that was never remedied. The dealer had diagnosed the computer as having been bad and after replacing it the car still wouldn’t start yet I still had to pay the bill!

Anyways, I told these guys what the deal was and they immediately found the problem… the dealer had installed the wrong computer!!! They called the dealership and explained the problem and even arranged to have my car towed back to have the right computer installed as it would cost me no additional $$ for the dealer to install the correct one. They could have easily lied to me or made something up but didn’t. Talk about INTEGRITY! I did have to pay $90 for the diagnostic but they also “threw in” an oil change since it was on the rack and I think they felt bad for me. I would highly recommend these guys for any kind of automotive advice or repairs!

Took my truck in and they diagnosed it right away and had it fixed a few hours later. Friendly service and professional. Highly recommended.