What Kind Of Driver Are You?

Do you drive in stop-and-go traffic, or idle for extended periods? Do you make a lot of short trips? Do you drive on dusty/dirty roads, or tow a trailer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are considered a “severe driver“. This has nothing to do with your driving skills, it’s just a measure of how hard your driving habits are on your car’s oil.

The engine’s oil level should be checked often and changed every 3k-5k miles. If you are a “severe driver”, you should stick to changing it every 3k miles. Most vehicles should have the oil and filter changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. Critical parts of your engine are lubricated, cooled, and cleaned by your car’s oil and filter. If you hardly drive the vehicle you should still replace the oil regularly, because the oil will deteriorate after time and lose its lubricating factors.

Every other oil change, or every 6,000 miles we recommend performing a 6k service. A 6k service includes:

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Rotate tires
  • Battery service
  • Lubricate chassis and hinges
  • Inspect and adjust brakes
  • Adjust clutch(if applicable)
  • Inspect air filter, wiper blades, and lights
  • Check and top off all fluids

When you bring your vehicle to Street Tech Auto Care for any service, we perform a full courtesy inspection every time. This will help you take proper care of your car, and get the most from your investment in your vehicle.

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National Care Care Month!

April is national care care month! So take some time to take care of that car that gets you where you need to go every day. Your vehicle is one of the biggest and best investments you will make in your life. Proper maintenance will help ensure the longevity of that investment.

There are certain preventative maintenance services that should be performed at certain mileage intervals. Of course, every vehicle is different so you should also refer to your owners manual to be sure of when to have these services done.

Services that should be performed every 30,000 miles are:

  • Transmission fluid service
  • Engine coolant drain and fill
  • Brake fluid flush

If you have a four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle:

  • Transfer case service
  • Front and/or rear differential service

A fuel injection service should be performed every 12 months. Other components such as your spark plugs and timing belt are due at certain mileage intervals, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Call Street Tech Auto Care and we can tell you what your vehicle calls for.

When you bring your vehicle to Street Tech Auto Care for any service, we perform a full courtesy inspection every time. This will help you take proper care of your car,  and get the most from your investment in your vehicle.

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Warm Weather is Around the Corner… Can Your Car Keep it’s Cool?

We all know that sizzling season is coming. You know, the one where we all search for that shady spot to park the car!

As you drive around on those hot summer days, spare a thought for your car and its cooling system working hard to keep you cool. Are you doing what you can to help your car keep up with all that heat? Here we have listed a few important tips to help you out!

Image Overheated Car Sacramento Summer HeatIf you would like to check your coolant level, always make sure the vehicle is cooled off before attempting to remove the radiator cap. ( Did we say always? YES, ALWAYS!) Not following this important safety steps could give you your own personal scalding hot steam geyser under your hood… and a nice ride to the hospital. When the vehicle is hot, a lot of pressure builds in the radiator and associated systems, so you should wait at least an hour for the system to cool down and depressurize.

If you find the coolant level is low, there is a few things to keep in mind;

  • Many cars require a special coolant fill procedure. What that basically means is that the water may not get everywhere it needs to go just by topping off the tank. Not following your cars fill procedure may cause air bubbles in the cooling system.
  • Many vehicles also require a special coolant type, such as Dexcool, Bmw, Audi pink, to name but a few. This isn’t just a ploy for car manufacturers to sell more coolant, there are good reasons for these requirements, and you will prolong your car’s life by following them.

If you want to know what type of coolant your vehicle requires, or if you want to check the level safely, stop by Street Tech Auto Care or give us a call, we are always happy to help!

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Street Tech Customers Go The Extra Mile, But Would You Go This Far?

Sometimes we are all called to help others in need. We may do it in small ways, we may do it in big ways. We at Street Tech Auto Care would like to share the story of one of our long time customers who has dedicated her life to helping others in an extraordinary way!

mother of peace students imageRoni Jordan first got involved with the Mother of Peace Community in 2003. Her church (City of Refuge) traveled as a group to Zimbabwe, Africa to see how they could be of support to children orphaned by the Aids pandemic.

On her journeys she saw how children at the orphanage were picked up from the homes of their deceased or dying parents, from the street by social workers, or from pit latrines or rubbish dumps where they had been abandoned by desperate or frustrated parents or relatives. In fact, the second day of her visit, she attended the funeral of an 11 month old child who had succumbed to this cruel disease.

The Mother of Peace Community in Zimbabwe started from humble beginnings in a house for a few children. They offer a loving, stable and secure home environment for 108 abandoned children who have lost parents to HIV. Here, these children find a home where they receive education, medical treatment, spiritual enrichment and above all unconditional love. 

The Mother of Peace operates as an orphanage. It has a nine-member Board of Trustees which oversees general fiscal and policy issues; and a 10-member Management Committee responsible for the day to day administration. Among others MOP has six female and five male non-salaried dedicated volunteers.

mother of peace school imageTwo ladies that have dedicated their lives to these children, Jean Corneck turns 82 this month and her sister Stella is 66 and they are growing weary.  In early 2014 Roni Jordan decided to take a leap of faith. She sold her home, and traveled to Zimbabwe to help in this good work.

When we learned of Roni’s story it made us wonder what else we could do to help. If reading this story made you feel the same way, please check out the Mother of Peace website here.   Of course, even with volunteers and good people like Roni, the Orphanage still needs a budget for food, clothing and schooling for the orphaned children. If you would like to help… check out their donation page here. 

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Your Car is Trying to Talk to You, Please Listen!

Please listen to your vehicle!

Most cars have certain indicators in place to warn you of possible damage when things are not ‘right’ with certain systems.Is your car trying to tell you something?

That always dreaded check engine light is one that blares at you. Please don’t ignore it, especially if there are symptoms that go along with it. If your check engine light comes on, feel free to stop by anytime and we will quickly pull the codes at no charge. We can then let you know if it’s safe to continue driving, or if it could cause further damage, or a costly repair if not addressed right away.

Some of your dashboard warning lights should always be taken seriously without delay.

If your brake light comes on, it could signify a very serious safety issue, come on by and we can check it out for you.

Two other lights or gauges are also very important warning systems. If you lose oil pressure or your engine temperature get abnormally high… you could potentially damage or destroy your engine. If you have a temperature or oil light on, or if your gauges are well outside the normal range you are familiar with… Safely pull over Immediately and shut off the engine. Continuing to drive under these conditions will almost definitely cause a more costly problem.

It’s important to keep all fluids between the minimum and maximum levels. If your not sure how to check these critical fluids, we will be happy to show you how to check them all, any time, at no cost!

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Don’t forget to Breathe!

Does the thought of spring fill you with dread? Do you feel that coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes go along with spring-time?

We can help you keep those spring elements out of your vehicle. Most modern cars have a cabin air filter that filters out pollen and other contaminants that can come through the ventilation system into your cars interior. Not to be confused with the engine air filter, a component that keeps pollutants out of your engine, the cabin air filter will keep your car’s passenger compartment clean from pollen, dust, and pollutants…    so you can breathe easy on those gorgeous spring days!

If you are curious if your car has a cabin air filter, or if it needs to be replaced, let Street Tech Auto Care help! We can tell you if your car is equipped a cabin air filter, show you where it is, and even show you what it looks like, so you can see for yourself how much it filters out. Of course, if it does need replacement, we will be happy to do that too!

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Have a Happy & Safe New Year!!

Image of AAA Tow TruckWe all like to celebrate a New Year, but nobody wants to start the year with a DUI, or worse.

We at Street Tech care about you and your safety. If you find yourself a little too merry to drive home this New Years Eve, call AAA for a free ride home for both you AND your car. Find more information about AAA’s Tipsy Tow program by clicking on the link below. We promise you won’t regret it in the morning!

AAA New Years Eve Tipsy Tow Program

We at Street Tech Auto Care would like to wish you a happy and safe New Year. We’ll see you in 2015!

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Off to Grandma’s house we go for Christmas!

Image of Mountain SnowTraveling to Grandma’s this Christmas? Make sure your car is in shape for the long journey. Nothing will dampen that Christmas Spirit faster than sitting by the side of the road on a cold Christmas Eve.

Don’t be Grinch this Christmas, get your Pre-Travel inspection at Street Tech Auto Care.

Our Pre-Travel inspection includes: Checking all the fluids in your vehicle, checking your tire pressure (which saves you gas), wipers/wiper fluid, and checking your battery capacity.

It’s also a good idea, to have your oil changed before you head out on your journey.

Stop by Street Tech before your Christmas  travels, and we will help make sure you get there safe and sound.

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Welcome to the new Street Tech Auto Care Website

We are exited to show off our new website and blog. Be sure to check out all the new helpful tips, specials and information on the new Street Tech website.

We would love to hear what you think of our new site!

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