Meet The Team

In the Shop

Corey Shores, Owner/Master Technician

As a technician of 21+ years, Corey loves solving hard to diagnose problems. He enjoys getting to see the results of his hard work immediately. As a shop owner, he feels very lucky to lead a hard working team that cares genuinely about our products and customers. When not at work, Corey enjoys being outdoors and working with his hands. His hobbies include motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4 wheel drives and hot-rods. For the last couple of years he has enjoyed upgrading his house and improving his mediocre carpentry skills. He finds a lot of excitement just creating something, or at least learning something… although he will freely admit, sometimes all he learns is it’s sometimes best to leave things for the professionals!

Jim Aquinto, Master Technician

Jim has been in the auto service profession for 40+ years. In his work environment he enjoys the challenge of finding and repairing a problem. In Jim’s non-working hours he delights in cooking, gardening, home improvement and playing with his 2 beautiful granddaughters.

Austin Rogers, Automotive Technician

Austin enjoys the variety of challenges he sees every day. Work never gets boring for him. He has a natural curiosity, and is fascinated by the interesting way things work. When he’s not providing great service at the shop, he is out shooting his guns and going on hikes. He can also often be found helping friends with construction projects. If he’s not doing that, he is gone on a road trip somewhere across California.

In the Office

Randy Staggs, Customer Advocate

As your customer advocate Randy takes pride in listening to customers’ specific needs and ensuring those needs are satisfied. Randy takes great pleasure in meeting new people, seeing new cars and learning about both. Outside of work Randy enjoys 4-wheelin’ , fishing, shooting guns, camping, spending time with his kids and playing with his dog.

Heather Krull, Executive Assistant

As the executive assistant, Heather maintains the clerical end of the business. With over 12 years of management experience, she keeps the shop moving forward through marketing, networking and being a soothing voice when you call for your car needs. Heather loves every part of her job and enjoys every day at work. She takes great pleasure in speaking with customers and helping the team get things done. Heather loves the way the team always makes her feel appreciated. When Heather is not at work, she enjoys taking her son to the park and on trips to new places. She likes having BBQ’s, going on hikes, or just being out doors in the sunshine.