Exciting News!!! AND FREE ALIGNMENTS!!

Have you heard the Exciting news?

Street Tech Auto Care has upgraded our alignment machine to the most precise system on the market. Our new state of the art laser aligner is faster, more accurate, and has a wider range of vehicle applications. The aligner heads now go around the tire, not the wheel so there is no chance for wheel damage. The heads also work with a wider range of tire sizes, making it extremely accurate even on lifted vehicles. 

When your vehicle is out of alignment you may experience;

  • Excessive, uneven tire wear
  • Off center steering wheel
  • Vehicle may pull, making it hard to stay in your lane or on the road

When your vehicle is properly aligned you will benefit with;

  • Better gas mileage
  • Predictable handling
  • Achieve longer life of your tires

Alignment checks can also make you aware of any suspension/steering problems you may have.

Street Tech wants you all to experience what a difference the most precise system on the market makes.


offer expires June 1st 2018



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